It's time to stop guessing whether or not your advertising is getting patients to your office. 
Let me show you my proven formula 
that's got owners at least 15- 20 new patients a month!

My name is Karn and I am a physical therapist with my own outpatient practice.

"Let me show you how to grab leads immediately without doctor referral. Be able to control your patient prospect..."
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This is the best way to find out if Facebook Ads will work for you!

There's NO CONTRACT  and NO MONEY exchanged!

I will go into your ad account and create new ad campaigns from scratch (copy & images), create a new audiences from scratch (based on an intensive analysis of your business and customers), set everything up so that the ads are set up, targeting audiences, email sequencing, and all you need to do is press "un-pause".

I only work with PT owned business- no hospital owned PTs/Physician -owned PT Practice.

Let me show you how I used one facebook ad to generate $25,000.
"Facebook Ads for Physical Therapists"

Let me and my team create your next Facebook Campaign and get you results!

DOES IT WORK?  (You are on it right now, so why don't you think your patients are?)

 Let my team take the complications out and do it for you!
 Let's get you to focus on treating the new patients we are sending your way minutes after your Facebook ads are running! 

Results matter and I know I don't have any clients if I don't produce. So, let's succeed together! Let my mistakes and past ad spend be your benefit!

Need Workshop Attendees? Selling Cash Programs (laser, dry needling, massage therapy, personal training, free consults)? Need to know whether or not people saw your program?

(Watch These Short Videos To See Real Results. Results Matter!) 
Yes, you get this awesome benefit with our coaching!
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Marketing Your Practice Is Not Easy. We went to PT School to Get Patients Better ...NOT MARKETING! 

Let's make it easy for you!

Facebook Ads gives your practice the lead generation you are looking for. 
 **without relying on DOCTOR REFERRALS.
Let's start  this is how it will work:

  • Apply Now FIRST!!!
  • Then, let's schedule a call and see if we are the right fit for you! 
  • Let's make sure Facebook Ads are the right fit for you! (It's not for everyone)
  • Then BOOM!!! Let's get people in your clinic minutes after your ad runs!!!
  • And So Much More...
And it's really that simple...
If you don't have our guidance, what do you have? 
You can't learn everything. And let's stop wasting your hard earned money and figure it out yourself...

I hope you realize marketing - like our schooling- is not just take a course and then get results...NOPE! There's so much content out there to market your practice but YOU KNOW YOU HAVE NO TIME for it.
It's gonna be easy... first you do this and then you scale fast!
How Fast You Can Scale...
When It's "Right..."

Leads , Leads, Leads...It's a buzz word in marketing. 

Let's give your office more potential patients to treat. The FIRST step is to get you more chances. More importantly, let's get you in front of people who actually need your service.

My team will STRATEGIZE, DESIGN, and IMPLEMENT the perfect FACEBOOK AD CAMPAIGN. How? Well, we have tested so many for my own PT office. See, we have 5 PT offices around a 1 mile radius ( 1 P.O.Practice a block away and 2 large PT chains) so our referrals are all SELF GENERATED. 

RESULTS MATTER!! I have invested in marketing, SEO, coaching that added to $40,000 that taught me a great lesson....MARKETING IS ALL TESTING.

Well, we tested tons and narrowed it down to what works!

So find out how an ad spend of $100 on Facebook Ad can give you 10x ROI. 

You Could Literally Be Just A Few Steps Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or even QUADRUPLING your business... but do you know which ones?
We can show you inside...
"The path to success is to take massive, determined action."
- Tony Robbins

If THIS is You Than You've come to the right place. There's nothing left to do but apply.


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