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My name is Karn and I opened my physical therapy practice in 2008. I was out of PT school and I knew I wanted to start my own private practice right away. It took me three years out of school and I opened my practice. My first months were promising as I took every insurance and my schedule was packed! As I start to grow the practice, I realized our referrals came from 2 sources: WORD OF MOUTH REFERRALS and 1 ORTHOPEDIC DOCTOR (that didn't even mean to refer to me). Well, when my local orthopedic group brought a physical therapist in-house.... My 70% referral source was gone.

I realized I never did any marketing for my office. Advertising was created out of necessity. I did local print advertisement, mailers, fax blast to doctor's office, and SEO strategies. I finally had to stop the "SHINY OBJECT" syndrome. I got tired of wasting time and money on marketing methods that either (A) did not work or (b) was too expensive to justify the results. We even experience a 20K lesson in S.E.O that got us to the top of google search but only produced 4K in new business. We lost 16K but gained a valuable lesson.

Ultimately, after hiring professional marketing companies, "industry specific" marketing consultants, and attending PT marketing seminars, I ended becoming the marketer. Success and the willingness to share with other PT owners is my drive to see others succeed. My new skill set as a marketer has paid off and paid off big. The results we got for our business far exceeded what we expected.

I had an epiphany, if our new system worked for us it will also work for other PT business owners as well. Our commitment to excellence. No nonsense marketing with a money back guarantee. If we do not at least cover our marketing cost in our first month of partnering together we simply refund your money. How Powerful is that!  
Process #1: Lead Generation
Do you have problems generating leads?

Is your phone ringing? Are you receiving emails from interested potential patients?
Leads are basically a name /email/phone number or simply put. The more leads your office has, the more chances your office have potential NEW PATIENTS!
Process #2:  Prospect
Do you have problems taking the leads to a prospect stage?
Prospect is a "warm" lead in the marketing world. This is the next stage a lead goes into. Basically, this lead is now "dating"  your office and is interested. They want to know if you are the right physical therapy office. 

This could be a phone call to address questions, Free Screens, or maybe calling on benefits. How's your team answering phones, performing free screens, showing walk-ins your facility? You might be losing $$$ on those low hanging fruit.
Process #3: New Patients
Converting prospects to new patients
Do you have problems converting the prospect to a new patient?
New Patients are the lifeline of our office. Learning how to speak to new prospects on plan of care, converting free screens is not as natural as you think. We are trained to assess bodies and not "sell" ourselves. 
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